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Trident Dynamics

About Us


Our team has over 180 years of combined offshore, aviation and formula one experience including, design, advanced manufacturing and operations.  We are developing our team with some amazing people, please return often or subscribe to the newsletter and we will keep you informed.


Our vision is to be a premier research and development company serving multiple international markets.



Our behaviours and decisions are values-based. We like to keep it simple, our values are:

  • Honest at all times.

  • Respectful to all stakeholders.

  • Professional in all activities

Our current mission is to positively disrupt maritime capabilities.  To do this we are developing a range of Modular Support Craft providing aerial, surface and subsea capabilities for Offshore Renewable Energy, Shipping, Ports and Incident Management sectors.

  • Resilient, we build things that can work in challenging conditions and remote locations.

  • Ecological, we strive for environmentally neutral products from cradle to grave.

  • Efficient, we make our products perform as efficiently as possible.

  • Functional, our products are multi-role.

  • Safe, our products are as safe as possible.




Our brand was inspired by a carving made on the banks of the river Tyne in circa 122 BC. The carving is of a Trident (representing Neptune), entwined by a Dolphin (representing Oceanus).

It was made to give thanks for safe passage across the North Sea from the river Rhine to the river Tyne and was found in 1874 on the site of the original ‘Pons Aelius’ which is now the world famous Tyne Bridge.


We are supported by...

North Tyneside Council
North Of Tyne Combined Authority
Catapult Offshore Renewable Energy
Offshore Wind Growth Partnership
Fit For Offshore Renewables
Newcastle University
University of Sunderland
Suatained Advanced Manufacturing
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